About Photo Coyote

About Me

I'm obsessed with digital photography. I developed a steadily progressive addiction seven years ago when a friend of mine upgraded to a better camera and gave me his ancient, one-megapixel, Epson PhotoPC 600. I was instantly hooked.

Since then, we've both upgraded our cameras several times, with me far outpacing him, thus leaving him in the proverbial digital dust.

I now own my second digital SLR -- a lovely Canon EOS 30D -- and six incredible lenses. Every morning, I wake up totally stoked about the photographic possibilities that lie ahead.

This is a form of bliss that I never expected to experience. I offer up a sincere and reverent thanks to the almighty gods of technology.

About This Site

This is my personal photo site. It was created using Pixelpost 1.5, a blessedly lovely and free to use software miracle. After many failed attempts, I've decided to quit trying to write a 'real' blog. I finally accepted the fact that I don't have much to talk about. And I'm cool with that. Once in awhile, you might find some of my thoughts written as captions underneath my photos. But the photos are what this site is all about.


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